“It takes courage to grow up
and become who you really are.”
e e cummings

Releasing Relationships: A Workbook for Moving On is a thorough, structured, and gentle workbook for letting go of toxic relationships in your life. It works through a process of exercises, reflections, and affirmations.

It’s a step by step workbook designed to support your fully processing through and past toxic relationships.

Releasing Relationships is a journey of examining and reflecting on the toxic relationship you are ready to let go of.

Have you already separated or split up and you find yourself still struggling in the past when all you want is to be enjoying your present? Even though you’ve already broken it off, somehow you find yourself unable to let go and move on?

Do the what-if’s and should-have’s take up space where day-dreams are meant to reside?

Too many of us find ourselves stuck in the past after a break up when what we want is to be free and experiencing joy and bliss in the right here and now.


This workbook is for anyone ready to
move on, let go and embrace release!

“I love it, love, love, love… the process is clear, straight forward and exactly what needs to happen to release. Powerful shit, written in a clear way. Really great.”