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A morning at work.
An afternoon at the movies with my 16 year old.

Returning home, a cooling shower, glass of wine and in bare feet I found my way to the studio. The wind chimes, a welcome-to-your-studio gift from my fiance, sing to my soul. He hung them just outside the window as a surprise – what a treat! The breeze through the open window and door feel vital. Mama robin has returned to her nest (not 30 feet from my studio) two already to feed her growing brood. They create such a beautiful noisy ruckus everything she returns.

Life is good, even when trauma wounds refuse to be quiet, life is still very, very good.

And, Mama robin has now been out here three times. She’s working so hard to raise those four babies. Good for her, I hope she gets to rest soon. I hope her life is good too.

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