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IMG_4539Recently I’ve spent a lot of needed spoons to get my kitchen re-organized and prettied up because being comfortable and able to relax and connect w/ my family in that space brings a lot of meaning into my life. Pretty spaces that are clean and easy to function in bring me joy. Being able to cook with more ease and joy adds meaning to my life – both because good food is vital with my health and because feeding my family is an act of love for me.

I’m so in love with the turquoise IKEA cart and discovering that it works perfectly with my kitchen red!!! And look up at the top shelf next to the cookbooks – see that little turquoise recipe binder and file holder? I found those at the dollar section at Target the day AFTER I put this corner together – how neat is that!

Next up is my needle craft materials – currently stored in all sorts of random, and sometimes difficult to access spaces. I’m putting together this cart from IKEA to bring them all together in one place. I’ll keep it in the bedroom, next to my nightstand for those days when my spoons have abandoned me and/or the pain is too much to sit at my desk.

When I’m laying in bed for hours on end I get bored. Like really, really bored. There’s only so much tv I can watch! If I’m lucky I can enjoy two episodes of Call the Midwife before I’m just done. I’m looking forward to having these supplies nearby and organized so that I can work on needle craft projects that have lived in my head too long.


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