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We live out in the county. Gun fire out here isn’t unusual – neighbors shooting off rounds for target practice on their land. But the bombardment of fireworks last night was intense, even for out here.

I kept thinking of our vets and ptsd an dhow selfish its feels to me to light off fireworks night after night in celebration of our freedom while so many of those who’ve fought for and worked for our freedom are being re-tramuatized by those fireworks.

Compassion and self-sacrifice – you know, like the self- sacrifice these bets showed when they went off to fight for our freedom and went off to work in deep violence to try and help build peace – yeah, compassion for their ptsd and self-sacrifice by not shooting off fireworks night-after-night-after-night seems like the least we can show our veterans for the 4th of July season.

Compassion and self-sacrifice for each other.

Communities of care.

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