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I’m sitting in the car, waiting for my daughter (who, by the way, is somehow about to turn 17 already. I have NO idea how that is already happening!).

In the back of the car sits more paint for the studio. I’ll have a snack and get to it when I get home – I have to get it done today because… drum roll please: the flooring is being installed tomorrow.

Though all I really want to do is follow my future mother-in-law’s most recent advice: “Do take a rest…” Day-after-day-after-day of pushing my body for more and more so the studio will be ready for flooring tomorrow has taken a toll.

No resting just yet though.

Today I finish the interior. Then I put the poly coat on the trim. Then I carefully tuck the trim away in the garage because, hello Pacific NW, it might rain today and tonight. (Seriously, I put on a sweater today. Whatever.)

Then, I think and sure as hell hope, I can call today done.

And take a short rest of sorts.

Maybe cook the Annie’s frozen gluten free spinach pizza, pour a glass of wine and crawl under the covers to eat in my blanket cave and watch Call the Midwife.

Maybe the cat will come in to keep me company too.

Maybe I’ll fall asleep before the episode is over — maybe pain will keep me up again tonight.

But I’ll do my best to take a rest, of sorts.

After I get home and finish painting.

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