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Planning our wedding has proven to be harder, more confusing/overhwelming and more exciting than I’d expected. It’s been offering us up chance upon chance upon chance for growth – both personally and as a couple. Lots of good hard work. I’m glad we’re such a kick-ass team. This would be isolating and depressing if I was doing this alone.

I just no idea at.all that this wedding/honeymoon planning would consume so much of the summer. (naive much?)

But, it hasn’t been all consuming though. #Grateful

The call of  Spirit, whispering “get back to work” on projects long sitting in my “To-Do” file would not be ignored this season. But the thing is, I didn’t want to get caught up in my mind again — how often I should blog or what I should write about, or which project I should focus on first, etc,etc,etc…

This period of deeper illness has stripped me of any energy to be out of alignment with Spirit anymore.

There are only so many spoons — I find that I can no longer toss them after should’s.

That decision (or was it more of a realization?) took months of inaction and soul-searching on my part. I did pull off a smaller version of Fall In-Love w/ Yourself February  during this time of stillness – it was the one thing in all of this that I knew for sure was Spirit led. I couldn’t let it wither and die on the vine, even if I couldn’t give it the full care I’d like to. I was able to give it enough to sustain it. <3

That was it though, for an entire year.

Other projects, projects that I know will become offerings that enrich women’s lives in vibrant and concrete ways, will left sitting in folders and notebooks while I rested, and reflected.

Meditation has become a go-to way to (re)connect deeper within.

Being so sick that I’d spend hours and hours and days and days in bed in silence, meditating in different ways, turned out to be another path inward.

Slowly, a new rhythm within this body is emerging, being honored.

As I’ve begun to find my step within this new rhythm, I’ve found myself diving into things like Cerries Mooney’s amazing Archetypal Tests and beyond. Her stuff is full of soulful wisdom and encouragement. It’s been just what I needed to begin unlocking myself, to begin creating again.

It’s been that Spirit driven type of creating – the kind where things just come up spontaneously and flow pen to paper with ease and joy.

I’m heading in the right direction, not rushing or pushing, letting Spirit guide me. #Trusting

It feels incredible when Spirit is given voice over rules, methods, and should-have’s.

I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you, as pieces emerge. <3



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