Love is the answer,
at least for most of
the questions in my heart.
Jack Johnson

I am writer. I write poetry. I write about Consciously Connecting and Falling In-Love with Yourself.

Yes, my last name really is Love and no, I wasn’t born with it. Adopting the name Love was a declaration of values, a mission statement for my life of sorts. A way to stay connected with and consciously aware of the space I am called to interact with the world from.

Years into being Kate Love I can barely recognize my former name as being attached to me. Transformation, coming home to yourself, is a big fucking deal and whatever helps you find your way through the maze of bullshit matters. Do what works. Even if it means changing your name. Maybe especially if it involves changing your name.

In 2015 I published the 2nd edition of Releasing Relationships: A Workbook for Moving On. The revision took nearly three years of heartfelt and ruthless editing. In that time I met the love of my life, fell madly in-love, experienced a separation, was sexually assault while separated, got back together (we call it Derek & Kate 2.0 – we are definitely an improved version this time around), was in a car accident, left a toxic soul-sucking job, went back to college, went back into therapy, have had my health take a dramatic turn, made a shit ton of mistakes and a bucket load of ‘right’ choices.

find a waynot an excuse

Grace & Magic is an online community space for women seeking to connecting to the magic within that is part of my Soul’s Purpose. I’m navigating this adventure carefully and with conscious connection to the Divine guidance within. This is a soul-work creation. I hope you visit and join in the community.


Fall In-Love w/ Yourself February is a series I started in 2012. It was my first year completely on my own, I’d just moved to a new city and filing for divorce. It was created as a declaration that self-love matters, it matters so much. It’s part of the Grace & Magic community, please visit and dive deeper into falling in love with yourself today.

My Spirit has found her true home here in the Pacific Northwest where there are so many shades of green it boggles my mind in the best sort of way! The sound of owls in the woods out back both soothe and haunt me depending on my mood. The frogs out front always delight me to hear. Rain, falling soft or heavy, heard through the crack in our bedroom window is a magical sound to fall asleep and wake up to. I don’t dig the weighted presence of grey clouds that push down so hard sometimes it feels like there isn’t enough air to survive another day without the sun. Nope, I don’t dig when that goes on for weeks and weeks but then the clouds clear again and the sky is this most brilliant, light blue and the light hurts my eyes because I haven’t seen it in so many weeks and its always worth it when that happens.

Derek & Kate 102013

I’m in love with my hearts’ home. Three years into this gig called ‘us’ and we’re still learning and growing. Being vulnerable and brave together takes a lot of conscious effort at times and it’s always worth it. Together we are more than we are separately but not in a sad, diminishing co-dependent way. Nope. I’m talking about what happens when two complete individuals who complement each others strengths and weakness in crazy good ways get together and form a new entity called ‘us’ – that sort of synergy that happens when 1+1=3. I’m tremendously proud of our work together.

I love witnessing us grow as individuals and as a couple. I love how we cheer each other on, push each other to reach for our dreams, and offer gentle support when something goes wrong. I love that we are fiercely committed to protecting each other and our own individual growth – no matter what. I am deeply grateful for the healing work that has happened within this relationship. I’m honored he trusts me with his heart.

Derek makes music that is sometimes weird and usually totally rad! I dig that he’s been making music that lights him up for so many years – refusing to give in and make ‘popular’ stuff just for the sake of selling an album. I respect him as a artist because of this and because of the soul-deep passion I’ve seen him connect to while playing.

I’m most especially honored by your visit, by your holding space here with me. Thank you. Your time is an honor.

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