Dear Family

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Dear Family of Birth,

You taught me many, many things…

The things I most needed to learn: that I am and always will be loved unconditionally, that I’m beautiful and brave and you are proud of my voice and passion and energy, that I am worthy of compassion…

Sadly, you did not teach me those things.

You failed me.

Dear Family I Became Through Marriage,

You also taught me many, many things…

You taught me that if we don’t do the work and heal from our childhood wounds we will repeat them, that I could become nearly completely lost to myself in your violence and ugliness, and that I am stronger than I ever imagined.

You, also, failed me.

Dear Family of One(me),

You taught us that we are brave, fierce, scared, loving, open/closed, tenacious, and willing to try again when *he* came along.

You stood fast by me and I love you.

Dear Family We Are About to Become,

I love you and us and who we are together.

I love how bravely we’ve faced our childhood wounds together.

I love how committed to healing and growth and learning we are as ‘us’.

I love how we are so good for each other, so good together and I love how that makes us better as individuals too.

We’ve failed each other tons of times in the most beautiful and fragile of human ways and that’s ok.

Because, no matter what, we always return to what is most true and good and right in our lives and that is ‘us’.



This letter is in response to a prompt from Susannah Conway‘s April Love 2016 letters. You can find a list of other writers/bloggers participating her.

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