Dear Feet,

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Dear Feet,

You never liked being confined in shoes. Especially not ‘special’ shoes that had to be kept clean – what fun is that?!?

Oh how you must have hated those god-awful ‘corrective’ shoes mother put you in when we were young!

I know I hated them.

And then, as soon as her back would turn, off they’d go and outside we’d be, back running and climbing and feeling the earth beneath us as is our birthright.

I’m sorry that so much of our life involves the wearing of shoes these days. I do try to find shoes that let you stretch out, to feel the contours of the ground beneath us, to stay grounded.

Today, for the second time in three days, you free to be naked in the earth. It as glorious! Feeling wed dirt squish in-between toes as flowerbeds were renewed again… glorious.

My dear, tender, earth-loving feet – I appreciate you to the depths of my soul(soles). You anchor me, ground me, remind me how deeply wonderful it is to be alive and in communication with the earth from which we sprang, and to which we will return.

Dear Feet,

Thank you. I love you.



This letter is in response to a prompt from Susannah Conway‘s April Love 2016 letters. You can find a list of other writers/bloggers participating her.

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