Dear Morning,

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Dear Morning,

Our relationship has changed so many times. Sometimes I imagine you must find me to be capricious and, perhaps, a bit untrustworthy. I hope not. My heart is sincere, you’ve always been my favorite time of day.

I have fond memories of the years when I’d get up before the children and sit in my chair at the window, cup of coffee and book of sacred readings at hand. The house would be so quiet, so still.

These days my favorite mornings are the ones where I can spend time (even if just a few minutes) listening to the quiet. Even if the sheep are carrying off and the birds are bellowing out sunrise choruses… Somehow there is always a quietness to you that my exquisitely sensitive soul finds a balm to the wounds caused by the chatter and clamor of daytime’s busy-ness and evenings connected-ness.

Sunday mornings are my current favorite… as I’m sure you can understand – laying in bed with my love, sometimes until nearly noon, in silence and [also] talking about our day/week ahead. Sometimes showing each other this or that on our phones. Sometimes making love and then dozing off again. Sunday mornings are cherished by us both.

I also look forward to days ahead when I own my schedule more, am able to take my time with you slowly, with more peaceful intently. Until then, we’ll do the best we can – sometimes just a few mins embrace together before I head off rushing into my day and sometimes a long, languid indulgence in love…

Whatever way the wind takes us… I’m glad to know you’re always there, day after day, welcoming me with your special type of quiet and open loving start to my days…

Thank you.



This letter is in response to a prompt from Susannah Conway‘s April Love 2016 letters. You can find a list of other writers/bloggers participating her.

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