i might could (maybe,

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i might could (maybe,

perhaps) fall into a muted

slumber of healing, rest


i might could (maybe,

perhaps) cease creating for

a while of, instead, recovering


i might could (maybe,

perhaps) heal.heal.heal

with your help, plz hold space


but what is life

why do i cling

to its jaggedy

cliffs instead

of falling down

into the deep

dark and safe

waters that

trash below?


life is that

which we must

seek, we are pro-

grammed to seek

life is (living) that

which me long

to be safe within

the arms of love


and so, possibly

i might could (maybe,

perhaps) fold sweetly

into Spirit’s silence


just for a while,

or longer still,

until the call

comes from





[comes to]

speak again,

find my [new]

voice again, here

and maybe there



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