stay soft

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The monsters, manipulators and cowards – they want to make you hard. They want to steal your magic.

Resist, refuse to let them strip you of yourself.

no, they don’t get to win. You do.

stay brutally soft.

Your ability to feel with such exquisite acuity that sometimes you’re certain the fires will consume you if you don’t extinguish them is powerful. It scares the ones leading half-dead lives. It terrifies the ones who want to own your story. Don’t let them win.

no, they don’t get to win. You do.

Your softness, your tender sensitive heart that beats gentle and true, loyal and fierce and ready to fall in-love at any moment — this is powerful too. Those that hide from love will say you’re foolish. Those that think to love is to control, or to give up control, will call you naive . They’ll say you live in a fantasy world where dreams come true, where love wins. They’re half right, in your world love wins because love is bigger than hate.

no, they don’t get to win. You do.

Your sensitivity is where your magic resides deeply nestled in the womb of your soul.

stay brutally soft, dear one.

The world needs you.

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